Monday, July 28, 2008

TrapezoidArt - Mini Challenge

I love math and find myself using it all the time, most especially in my creative endeavors. But I believe that TrapezoidArt loves math even more than I do. Now you may wonder, as I did when I first saw the name, what is TrapezoidArt? The formula, according to the artist, is: ink + paper + drawing + cutting + glueing + lot of patience = Trapezoid Art.

I have a personal attraction for clean line drawings. I am completely unable to draw a straight line even with the help of a ruler. So I admire anyone who has that skill. TrapezoidArt's work is clean, concise and extremely beautiful. Her eye for proportion and scale is amazing. I love that her work is black and white as I believe it really lets the beauty of her drawings shine. The colored backgrounds further enhance the simple beauty of her work. Please take a few minutes to browse her gallery of artwork. I believe you will be as amazed as I am at her talent.

Q&A with TrapezoidArt:

A Little About You:
What is your favorite morning beverage?
A hot cup of tea with milk and sugar.
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Hmmm....I will say dogs.
What is next to your computer right now?
plate of plastic corn and bell peppers, my four year old just served me saladfrom her kitchen.
Do you like your handwriting?
I do like my handwriting and use my writing instead of stamps.
Would you bungee jump?
No way.
If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be and what would ask him/her?
It will be Mahatma Gandhi and I will ask him if he regrets anything.

A Little About Your Mini Scrapbook:
What prompted you to join the Mini Scrapbook Challenge?
I happened to see the challenge forum at the right time and fell in love with the mini album.
When you first saw the album, what did you think you would do with it?
I was planning on creating an "Enchanted Garden".
What did you end up doing with it?
I created a book with some world wonders as some other contestant had picked a garden theme.
Is there a theme to your album? Why/why not?
I decided to go with my line of artwork and create a "Little Book of World Wonders".
Now that you have worked with one, would you want to do another one?
Oh sure, already made a few and they are much better than my initial one.
What would you do differently next time?
Keep it simple and avoid overdoing it.

A Little About Your Art/Craft:
When did you first start crafting? Why?
Must be from when I was little. My aunt was very creative and used to weave animals out of paper scrap and I tried to copy her.
What is your favorite material/technique?
Intricate ink drawings on paper and then cutting them out and glueing them onto a different ase.
What are your favorite colors to work with?
I seem to favor black and white.
Are you good with written instructions, or do you need pictures?
I do okay with written instructions. My memory is good and I always take a quick glance at instructions before starting anything even though the end product looks simple.
If you could learn one new technique, what would it be? Why?
It has to be Pyrography (woodburning). I am sure most people will like to learn to"writing with fire".
If you could give one piece of advice to a young person first starting out, what would it be?
Don't give up and if put your heart into it, your business will surely be successful.


TBC said...

What a great little book Trapezoid Art made! A creative concept & a beautiful result. Love it :-)

Debbie~ said...

TrapezoidArt, your mini totally intriques me...I especially love the 'great wall', beautifully done!!! We were all so lucky to find Genevieve's thread that night!!! Debbie~

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