Friday, June 27, 2008

Mini Scrapbook Challenge

Ever wonder what creative scrappers would do with the same basic materials? Well, I have and decided to put the oh so talented artists on Etsy to the test with a Mini Scrapbook Challenge!

It's easy to work with a large scrapbook album of 12"x12", but what would you do with a mini scrapbook album of only 2"x1.5."? The album itself is made from a single piece of 12" scrapbooking paper which has been folded to create a 5 page book with a self cover.

With the help of DesignsByLucinda, I got the contest rolling. I was really surprised by the enthusiastic response my challenge received. I had 20 people sign up within the first day of announcing the contest. The rules are very simple, take the Mini Album and scrap it however you want. I will post each finished album here for everyone to see. Each artist will have the opportunity to share a little bit about themselves, the vision for their album and their own artwork.

Each album has been carefully packaged in a handmade box to protect during shipping. Here are the albums all ready to mail out!

Keep checking back to see what develops with these Mini Albums!

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