Monday, July 14, 2008

EcoLogicallyWorn - Mini Challenge

The first album featured is by EcoLogicallyWorn. Her motto is: "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do,or do Without"

Her shop is filled with vintage and upcycled gear. I especially love her bags! Be sure to check out her blog as well.

Q&A with EcoLogicallyWorn:

A Little About You:
What is your favorite morning beverage?
Coffee with a creamer

Do you prefer cats or dogs?
I have both (who ever is on my lap, or at my feet at the time!) love em’ equally!

What is next to your computer right now?
Above me is a shelf with a vase collection of hands, and funky angels thrown into the mix. Above the shelf is a stone heart with an angel, scroll work and a antique skeleton key in its keyhole…(love it), under the shelf is an vintage saucer with roses, scribed with ‘Friends’…on my computer brain, is a mannequin head with an antique hat, marbles (that I’ve lost & found) and a ‘Save Our Manatee’s’ mug with a vintage storybook doll in it, and laying next to that, is a sweet little stone manatee Statue.

Do you like your handwriting?
My note taking is terribly messy, but when I want too, I have a fairly artsy script (at work, some of my teacher friends have me do all their awards and certificates), so yes!

Would you bungee jump?
Not today, not ‘EVER’ (Afraid of two things, heights & spiders)

If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be and what would ask him/her?
Wow, great question! Abraham Lincoln for one, I’d love to talk to him about ‘Freedom’, the underground railway, where he thought the country would be in a 100 years, regarding race issues. Would love to know what he’d think, of where we are today?

A Little About Your Mini Scrapbook:
What prompted you to join the Mini Scrapbook Challenge?
The minute I saw the thread posted, I thought it sounded like fun, I love making cards and I thought this would be a nice change!

When you first saw the album, what did you think you would do with it?
I had two ideas from the start and neither could work because the mini scrapbook was a bit too
tiny!!! Which just intrigued me more!!!

What did you end up doing with it?
I looked through all my paper scraps and treasures and decided I had a lot of items that were small and/or could be cut small, and could easily be adapted to the mini Scrapbook with a theme!

Is there a theme to your album? Why/why not?
This question goes with the one above for me, I started seeing a pattern of stuff I had, that would work on a tiny book. I wanted it to be some sort of theme, and one that I could relate too, and for some reason, I figured ‘Cats’ would be taken, so I went with my dog theme!

Now that you have worked with one, would you want to do another one?
Most definitely, it was fun to work on, and I think it turned out as cute as I had hoped! With a blank book this fantastic, how could a person go wrong??!!

What would you do differently next time?
I wouldn’t add a background paper (the book was good enough) or if I did, I’d make sure, it was started in the bend of the page (spine) so there wouldn’t be a raw end/edge of a page, (does that make sense)? If I were to teach a class using this mini scrapbook, that would be my only “what
not to do”!!!

A Little About Your Art/Craft:
When did you first start crafting? Why?
I started embroidering on my clothes as a kid, then learned to sew, and macramé. After that I was hooked, and started making most of my Christmas ornaments. From that point on, I always had a craft project to work on. I learned how to do wood carving, because I wanted my Santa collection to be different. Later I switched to painting on driftwood, I loved the earthy free form looking Santa‘s, I created using the flow of the wood, knots and branches to be a featured part of the jolly guy! Now, I’m into recycling what I can into my projects! I can hardly wait to see what’s around the bend of this never ending road, to creative crafting.

What is your favorite material/technique?
Whatever I’m working on at that particular moment.

What are your favorite colors to work with?
I go back and forth, between earthy tones to colorful bright and cheery colors!

Are you good with written instructions, or do you need pictures?
Both are ok, but it’s hands on for me!!!

If you could learn one new technique, what would it be? Why?
I never learned how to do tatting, knitting or Crochet, and I love watching people work, it’s as if their fingers had a mind and they’re just a willing participant. So it would be one of those!

If you could give one piece of advice to a young person first starting out, what would it be?
Go with your heart and don’t be afraid to try ‘ANYTHING NEW’, I’ve always been rather shy and afraid to take the big leap, for the fear of failing or sadly, what others may think.


Debbie~ said...

Thank YOU,for creating
this incredibly fun challenge! Your Origami mini scrapbook was such an inspiration and so much fun to work on!!! I only hope I lived up to your expectations. What fun to be featured in 'YOUR' blog, it's another first for me!!! Thanks again, Debbie~

TBC said...

I love the doggie theme, Debbie, a really cute, well done little book! Genevieve, you're so nice to take this on, giving us all little projects turned into a BIG project for you. You're a peach :-)

Celebrate Life said...

The doggie theme is just incredible! It's amazing what you put into such a tiny space. I love it. :)

Melody said...

That is *so* cute! I love the theme! Great job on everything!!

Steph said...

Great job on your book!!

niftyknits said...

Brilliant chalenge, brilliant application - what a fun idea.

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