Monday, February 2, 2009

Expanding the Plarn Horizon

In manipulating the plarn to make the basket and Earth Angel, I have gotten even more familiar with this medium. My hubby was watching me try to spin some plarn using a pen and asked if he could help, so I set him to making a drop spindle. About ten minutes later, he pops into the living room with a very rudimentary, but extremely functional spindle. I have spun the thick, looped plarn and the thin continuous strand plarn. The spinning definitely changes the properties of the plarn. It went from soft and somewhat pliable to firm and stiff.

I have tried crocheting with both sizes of plarn. The thicker plarn produced a stable structure, much like the cute raffia purses that we see for children around Spring time. The thinner plarn is interesting. I am still experimenting and will be writing a guest blog spot for my friend Glue and Glitter showcasing what can be done with thin, spun plarn. Stay tuned!

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Waterrose said...

wow your products with the plarn are amazing!

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