Friday, February 15, 2008

Xue Originals

One of the unexpected joys of belonging to a creative community like Etsy is getting to meet wonderful artists from around the world. I have long admired the beauty of Asian inspired art and am pleased to be able to introduce a wonderful new jewelry artist, Xue Originals.

Xue's work is an exotic blend of the simple, yet highly detailed elegance of the Asian arts with the opulent and romantic colors and textures of the Western world.

Xue has more than than 20 years experience as an artist working in advertising, graphic designing, theme parties, cartoon illustrations, paper sculpture, mosaic art & jewelry designs. She has traveled quite a bit over the past 17 years, living in Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore & now Tokyo.

Xue states that her designs and interests come from the experience of living in and travelling to many places. She is motivated by the daily exposure to Western and Asian cultures since her family is a mix of Chinese and European. Because this is the way she lives, this influences the way she designs. You can learn more about Xue by visiting her website and her Etsy shop

Not only is Xue a wonderful jewelry artist, but she has also become my friend. She lives a world away from me both geographically and culturally, but we have found many common bonds. We are both artists and mothers. We find beauty all around us, are graced by our Faith, and are enraptured by the wonder we see in our children as they grow up. I am proud to showcase Xue Originals' today. I hope you will take a few minutes of your time to view her beautiful work.


lauren bacchus said...

I think it is fabulous to promote other Etsy shops. What a way to support the community and make new friends.

Femme Details said...

Is very important to support Etsy sellers... great job

XUE said...

How wonderful to wake up to this! (Sat morn here). I feel truly honoured by this & by your friendship. Thank you Genevieve…for being there when I was disillusioned & offering kind words at the right time. If you were here, I'll squash you with hugs! - xue

Azure Islands Designs said...

A wonderful feature article of a deserving person...I too am a friend of Xue...Heather

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Great post. Her work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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