Friday, February 22, 2008

What's New for the Wedding Season

With the wedding season fast approaching, I’d like to share a wonderful new gift idea for the bride-to-be, a keepsake folder custom made to the bride's specifications.

All brides are faced with the necessity of picking out and sending invitations. When I got married, I would use any spare moment to address a handful of invitations. Here is a great keepsake folder to make the task a bit easier.

With two flexible pockets inside to hold cards and envelopes, and two sleek pockets on the outside to hold address lists and RSVPs, this is an indispensible gift. Once the invitations are sent, it can be used on the wedding day to store cards or congratulations received at the wedding. It is also a great place to keep checks, cash, or giftcards that are so easily misplaced. After the wedding it can be used to help organize the Thank You cards. And finally, it makes a wonderful decorative folder to store the keepsake wedding invitation that all brides cherish.

The keepsake folder is custom made to order. It is sized to fit the bride's chosen invitation and can be made to match the invitations, wedding party colors or just colors the bride enjoys. The ribbon is a sophisticated option which allows the folder to be tied securely, or leave it off for an elegant look.

The sample folder is made of satin, but can be made from any fabric, including left over fabric from a custom gown or the bridal party's dresses. I also do embellishments: lace, beads, rhinestones, etc. (Please convo for pricing on embellished folders.)

An adorable nursery print would be perfect for birth announcement, baby shower and christening invitations. It would also make a great presentation folder for gift certificates or awards. How about a pretty spring print for Easter cards or a fun winter print for Christmas cards? I love this folder so much I keep thinking up new uses for it! How about a beautiful, safe place to store all those heartwarming cards you've saved from your children, your spouse or other loved ones?

I'd love to know what you think of these!


Elizabeth said...

I think this is a marvelous idea! Frankly, I could probably use several each year - One for Christmas Card - keeping them for addressing, saving the envelopes as I receive them to be sure I reply, etc. Then keeping those special Christmas cards received that I know I will treasure in the future - handprints from grandchildren, cards from children in military, etc. Then there are othere special occasions - Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals - each with associated special correspondence needing to be kept for memory purposes. This is the perfect answer. Get one without the ribbon if desired, then, when the event is finally OVER, tie it up for final filing with a special ribbon! Oh I can think of so many uses for this! Thanks for the idea-starter!!

Kreated by Kelly said...

I love this idea! I also like what Elizabeth said about them too! But, it really is a sweet idea for the bride-to-be. I quasi-eloped so I didn't have that experience *smiles*

Tizzalicious said...

That's a really nice idea!

Silver River Jewelry said...

Beautiful! What a great idea.

Waterrose said...

What a clever idea...and beautiful too! I love keepsades and always look for inventive was to keep them nice. Lovely!

Mary Rogers said...

That's a wonderful idea for those keepsakes. I'm one of the world's worst for keeping "things" but not keeping them together. I also like the look of your blog and how you research the talents of others.

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